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Applying SOLID principles in React

Konstantin Lebedev |
Photo by Jeff Nissen on UnsplashAs the software industry grows and makes mistakes, the best practices and good software design principles emerge and conceptualize to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. The world of object-oriented programming (OOP) in particular is a goldmine of such b... read more

Low-Code Solutions for Building Basic SaaS Features

Oyetoke Tobiloba Emmanuel |
Photo by Danist Soh from UnsplashNowadays, you can easily build a new business using a SaaS application and seize opportunities in new emerging markets. Various SaaS applications serve different purposes and for different kinds of users or target users. To build a SaaS application, you need to have... read more

How to Create a Three-Layer Application with React Hooks

Cristian Salcescu |
API objects, stores, useState, useEffect, and more … Continue reading on DailyJS » ... read more

Nine JavaScript One-Liners For The Beginner 2021 Developer

Twan Mulder |
Get a great start into JavaScript by learning these one-liners in just a few minutes! Continue reading on DailyJS » ... read more

5 Things to Know About the this Parameter in JavaScript

Cristian Salcescu |
It gives access to other properties, it depends on how the function is invoked and more Continue reading on DailyJS » ... read more

How to Implement the SQL Aggregate Functions with the Array Reducers in JavaScript

Cristian Salcescu |
Implement the sum, min, and max generic reducers Continue reading on DailyJS » ... read more

Three Practical Examples of Concurrent React

Eilon Mor |
Optimizing Performance using React 18 startTransition API The React team recently announced the plan for React 18, bringing a lot of cool new features like automatic batching, new suspense SSR Architecture, and new APIs that leverage concurrent rendering like the startTransition API. For the past f... read more

Managing Secrets in Node.js with HashiCorp Vault

Coder Society |
HashiCorp Vault helps organizations manage secrets safely. Learn how to use Vault with your Node.js applications. Continue reading on DailyJS » ... read more

10 Utility Functions for Working with Objects in JavaScript

Cristian Salcescu |
Freezing objects, getting all keys and values, inheriting from prototypes, and more Continue reading on DailyJS » ... read more

How to Get Started with Canvas Animations in JavaScript

Michael Karén |
Or how my dreams of writing a game started by animating a square block… Continue reading on DailyJS » ... read more