How to use supabase + ReactJS?

Yaten Dhingra |
What is Supabase and how it is better than Firebase? Supabase is an open source alternative to Firebase. Both the platforms offer all the functionalities to create our app from scratch without downloading any extra tools including - Database, Authentication, Edge functions, Storage, Real... read more

Node.js vs Angular: Navigating the Modern Web Development Landscape

Pieces 🌟 |
In web development, projects these days most often use the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js). MongoDB provides a database adhering to the NoSQL data structure, Express.js is a flexible frontend framework built on Node.js to provide seamless web and mobile app development, ... read more

Calorific: Your Savvy AI Dietitian Bot

Μάριος |
This is a submission for the Coze AI Bot Challenge: Bot Innovator. What I Built A chat bot that estimates the calories of food based on an image. Complex plates will be hard to detect and estimate but you can get an average idea of the calories and some tips as well... Demo ... read more

This month we're snug as a bug under a Glitch-powered rug

jenn schiffer |
Happy April! I recently got back from speaking at the Community-led Summit in Boston to a room full of other professionals who also have “community” in their title. Who manages the community when all the community managers are in a hotel conference room? For Glitch, the answer is “the rest of the G... read more

Java, World Wide Web, and Beyond

Paul Ngugi |
Java was developed by a team led by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. Sun Microsystems was purchased by Oracle in 2010. Originally called Oak, Java was designed in 1991 for use in embedded chips in consumer electronic appliances. In 1995, renamed Java, it was redesigned for developing Web applicat... read more

10 Ways to Build Notifications

Prosper Otemuyiwa |
string... read more

uploading to s3 with bash

grant horwood |
s3 is handy and useful, but it would be a lot more handy and useful if we had a shell script for pushing things to buckets; a script that didn’t require a special cli tool. something portable that we could add to existing scripts or throw in a cron job or distribute to our friends. a script that we... read more

React Suspense: Improving the Performance and Usability of Your Application

Pieces 🌟 |
Building highly performant and scalable applications remains the goal of all developers. It’s not ideal to let users wait indefinitely for a particular node of the Document Object Model (DOM) to render. React Suspense allows you to conditionally render a particular fallback UI or node while waiti... read more

How to use Novu with Supabase

Prosper Otemuyiwa |
string... read more

LeetCode Meditations: Subtree of Another Tree

Eda |
Let's start with the description for this one: Given the roots of two binary trees root and subRoot, return true if there is a subtree of root with the same structure and node values of subRoot and false otherwise. A subtree of a binary tree tree is a tree that consists of a node in tree and all... read more