Mastering the Art of Invisible Indexes in MySQL

Siddhant Khare |
Welcome to a technical dive into one of MySQL's nifty features—Invisible Indexes. Released with MySQL 8.0, this feature adds a layer of flexibility that every database administrator dreams of: the ability to toggle an index's visibility on the fly without dropping it! Let's delve into how this feat... read more

The shopping list

ShoeheyOt |
Overview Have you ever experienced forgetting what to buy which you had just remembered until a second ago? Well, I have, many times. So does my partner.. In order to keep them in memo, I created a app which can remember what to buy for us. Goal The goal is to implement creat... read more

Rotate/Pusle Animation in React Native

Saumay Paul |
I implemented a continuous rotation and pulsing animation for an image using React Native's Animated API. This small gist demonstrates how to create smooth, looping animations that can enhance the visual appeal of mobile applications. Project Overview In this project, an image is anim... read more


dillybunn |
In the fast moving, ever evolving world of web development, optimization is the rule of the land. People want a seamless experience on the web and are all to quick to move on if they are getting the experience they want. Using a RESTFUL API with Flask is a way developers can bring that client exper... read more

You should start creating a View in Supabase!!

Ali Asgar L. Laut |
What even are Views? If you are new to postgres or if you are a frontend heavy developer who is currently relying on supabase to have a magic backend appearing out of nowhere, or maybe you are just someone who likes to read stuff and in that case I have something to share with you! Star... read more

Simplified API Creation and Management: ClickHouse to APISIX Integration Without Code

Shahab Ranjbary |
Introduction In the world of data management and web services, creating and managing APIs can often be a complex and time-consuming task. However, with the right tools, this process can be significantly simplified. In this article, we will explore how to create APIs for fetching data fro... read more

Java Spring vs Spring Boot - Understanding the Difference

FullStackJava |
Spring is a comprehensive programming and configuration model or framework for building robust Java applications. It provides a comprehensive programming and configuration model that encompasses almost every aspect of an enterprise application. Spring simplifies Java development by providing a modu... read more

Portable configurations with dotfiles and GNU Stow 🐧

Cristian Zapata |
Since I started using Linux, I realized the great capacity it gives us as developers to interact directly with the system through the terminal. It's fantastic, but for very curious people like me, it can be a bit dangerous. Playing around in the terminal, I deleted something I shouldn't have and ha... read more

Drag and Drop React JS Form Builder. Develop Front-End with ease!

Optimajet Limited |
In this video, I will try to answer the question of whether it's possible to unite various design systems and custom components into one platform that will have a centralized display mechanism and a visual editor for the user interface. Here a quick answer to this question. Yes! With Form Engine.... read more

I created free React Material UI dashboard theme

pbasiak |
Hi all! 👋 I would like to share with you my latest hobby project, which is a free Material UI dashboard theme. ⭐ on GitHub is welcome! I hope it will help you! DevFoxUI GitHub repository Short story I am a frontend developer with 7 years of experience in different areas, but usual... read more