10 essential tips to supercharge VS Code and code faster (0 to 100)

Safdar Ali |
95% of developers aren't leveraging the full potential of Visual Studio Code (VS Code). This powerful tool is packed with features and hidden gems that can drastically improve your productivity and coding experience. Here are 10 essential tips to help you get the most out of VS Code: 1. M... read more

Creating a Simple Real-Time Chat Application with Socket.IO

Sanjay R |
Let's build a simple chat app using Socket.IO with chat rooms. Here's the live site link Simple Chat. Don't judge the UI 😅. I know it is not good and it is not even responsive. For now, let's focus on the concepts and functionality. Before diving into the code, let's cover some concepts about Web... read more

Understanding Dependencies in Node.js Projects

Tushar |
Understanding Dependencies in Node.js Projects When working on a Node.js project, managing dependencies is a crucial aspect that ensures your project runs smoothly. Dependencies are the libraries or packages your project needs to function. There are two main types of dependencies you sho... read more

100 Days of Cloud: Day 3 - Dockerizing a Go App for Dita Daystar (Apologies for the Delay!)

StackOverflowWarrior |
Hey everyone, I'm writing to apologize for the late submission for Day 3 of the 100 Days of Cloud challenge. I ran into some unexpected roadblocks, but I'm here now to conquer Docker and document the process for you all! Today, we'll be diving into Docker and how to use it to containerize a Go a... read more

Elevate Your MySQL Mastery with the 'MySQL Practice Challenges' Course

Labby |
Unlock your full potential as a SQL developer and take your skills to new heights with the comprehensive 'MySQL Practice Challenges' course. Whether you're a beginner seeking to build a solid foundation or an experienced professional aiming to refine your expertise, this course offers a dynamic and... read more

How to make a Parallax Effect with Html, Css and JS

Lakshita Kumawat |
Introduction Parallax Effect enhance the quality of a website. Today I will tell you how to make a parallax website in a few steps. You can use my asset to make the website and visit my parallax website on github ! Let's Get Started: Step 1: Write html code <!DOCTYPE htm... read more

Linux Commands You Should Master

Rubin |
Linux commands form the backbone of navigating and managing a Linux system efficiently through the terminal. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, mastering these commands will greatly enhance your productivity and control over your system. In this article, here are the top Linux comman... read more

How to use apply guardrail to protect PII information with AWS Bedrock Converse API, Lambda and Python! - Anthropic Haiku

Girish Bhatia |
In this article, I am going to demonstrate a revision of previously published workshop on how to build a serverless GenAI solution to create call center transcript summary via a Rest API, Lambda and AWS Bedrock Converse API and protect the sensitive information like PII using guardrail policy. On ... read more

Kutter Discount Wars

VPEngine |
This is a submission for the Wix Studio Challenge . What I Built Kutter Discount Wars offers a videogame based e-commerce experience. Users play a simple alien-caterpillar invasion game and their play score determines the discount they'll get on all purchases in the store. The discoun... read more

Day 24 Task - 90daysofdevops : Complete Jenkins CI/CD Project

On-cloud7 |
What is GitHub Webhook GitHub Webhooks are a feature of the GitHub platform that allow developers to receive notifications about events that occur in a GitHub repository. Webhooks are HTTP callbacks that are triggered by specific events in a repository, such as a new commit, pull request, or issue... read more