Payload CMS -Authentication in Nuxt Using a Custom Plugin

Aaron K Saunders |
Overview This is a companion blog post to support the video on a way to integrate Payload CMS SignIn, SignOut and Create Account in a Nuxt JS Application. This video assumes that you already have a Payload CMS server running. See Part One of my Payload CMS video series to see the serve... read more


Yago Wenceslau |
Hello everybody from Dev.To. I'm glad to be here, hope i can learn about everything. Thanks!!!... read more

Performance Testing: Why, When, and What

martinfernandezcx |
Overview When you have an application, regardless of whether it's in production or not, there comes a point when you need to perform performance testing. You might start by searching for various paid services, free tools that are rather difficult to understand, and concepts like load tes... read more

Understanding JavasScript OOPs

Arindam Majumder |
Introduction: Many Developers doubt whether JavaScript is a Functional Programming language or Object Oriented! In reality, It's Both! JavaScript is a prototype-based procedural language, which means it supports both functional and object-oriented programming. In this article, we will... read more

Demystifying JavaScript IIFE

Arindam Majumder |
Introduction: Immediately Invoked Function Expression (IIFE) is one of the most popular design patterns in JavaScript. It pronounces like "iify". The Name sounds Complex? Don't worry! In this article we'll understand what is IIFE, It's usecase and many more! After completing this artic... read more

Unveiling Javascript Scopes

Arindam Majumder |
Introduction: Scopes are one of the fundamental concepts of Javascript. Many Developers face problems understanding the behavior of variables. If you are also facing the same problem. Don't Worry! You are in the right place! In this blog, We'll explore What is Scope, and it's Types wi... read more

Understanding JavaScript Execution Context

Arindam Majumder |
Introduction When we write JavaScript code, it's more than just lines of instructions. It creates a sequence of events and executes them in an order. But, How does JavaScript decide the order in which these events are executed? The answer is simple! With the help of Javascript Executio... read more

How Render Scaled Knative to Support 100k+ Free-Tier Apps

Stephen Barlow |
By Hieu Nguyen - October 3, 2023 In November 2021, Render introduced a free tier for hobbyist developers and teams who want to kick the tires. Adoption grew at a steady, predictable rate—until Heroku announced the end of their free offering ten months later: Render's free-tier adoption rate dou... read more

Responsividade CSS 101 - Breakpoints

Camilo Micheletto |
Responsividade é a capacidade de um layout se adaptar ou "responder" as mudanças de viewport. Uma das formas mais comuns de se fazer isso era usando @media com o breakpoint mobile mais apropriado da época e construindo à partir dele. Mas existem outras formas de se usar breakpoints ... read more

Easy Deployment and Rollback of PostgreSQL Functions with Supabase

Rodrigo Mansueli |
In the realm of database management, version control, and deployment are crucial. Efficiently deploying and managing database functions is vital for maintaining the integrity of your data-driven applications. While database migrations, as detailed in Supabase's migration guide, are ideal for long-t... read more