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WaterBear: Building A Free Platform For Impactful Documentaries (Part 2) (Adrian Bece) |
In this second article of a two-part series, Adrian shares insights about building WaterBear — his first project as a lead developer — discussing the challenges his team encountered while building it and various accessibility and performance improvements they’ve made. You’ll get a peek at the inner ... read more

Dancing Leaves And Spooky Fellows (October 2023 Wallpapers Edition) (Cosima Mielke) |
How about a little inspiration boost? Well, we might have something for you: desktop wallpapers created with love by artists and designers from across the globe. They are available in versions with and without a calendar for October and can be downloaded for free. Enjoy!... read more

Re-Creating The Pop-Out Hover Effect With Modern CSS (Part 1) (Temani Afif) |
This article is all about experimenting with modern CSS features. We will combine things like CSS masks, CSS variables, trigonometric functions, `@property`, and more to create a neat hover effect that would have been extremely difficult to do even a few years ago without the latest and greatest tha... read more

Exploring Enhanced Patterns In WordPress 6.3 (Ganesh Dahal) |
In this article, Ganesh Dahal explains how the features have evolved since reusable blocks were officially released in WordPress 5.0 — and how the two have converged in WordPress 6.3 to form a powerful feature capable of allowing content creators to sync content and design patterns consistently in p... read more

Getting Started With Neon Branching (Paul Scanlon) |
Branches are a really nice (and safe) way to configure or reconfigure your database without fear of screwing up the production database. Let’s take a closer look at how branching works with [Neon](, and the good news is, you probably already know how it works!... read more

Smashing Podcast Episode 65 With Alex Older: How Do You Run A Grassroots Conference? (Drew McLellan) |
We’re talking about running grassroots conferences and meet-ups. What does it take to organize a small industry event for your community? Drew McLellan talks to WDC’s Alex Older to find out.... read more

WaterBear: Building A Free Platform For Impactful Documentaries (Part 1) (Adrian Bece) |
Adrian’s kicking off a two-part series, sharing his journey as a lead developer. In the process, you will learn about the lessons and insights Adrian gained at work, including the strategies that went into the technical stack of the project and what it looks like to collaborate with a team he is lea... read more

The Path To Awesome CSS Easing With The linear() Function (Jhey Tompkins) |
With the new CSS `linear()` easing function on the horizon, the possibilities of what we can do to create natural-feeling animations and transitions in the future are greatly expanded. Jhey Tompkins looks at the current state of CSS easing in this article and demonstrates what we can expect from `li... read more

Facilitating Inclusive Online Workshops (Part 2) (Ben Shih) |
To help ensure the success of a workshop, Ben Shih introduces the concept of an inclusive workshop. In Part 2 of the series, you will continue to delve deeper into several key principles and guidelines that you can follow during and after the workshop to encourage an inclusive atmosphere.... read more

How Smashing Magazine Uses TinaCMS To Manage An Editorial Workflow (Geoff Graham) |
This article is a peek behind the curtain of how content is managed here at Smashing Magazine. In it, you’ll get a tour of an article’s full lifecycle, from a basic outline to the sort of thing you’re reading right this second.... read more