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6 of the Best WordPress Alternatives in 2024

Suzanne Scacca |
WordPress is the most used content management system (CMS) in the world. But is it the best? For your current project, it might not be.  If you’re curious about what the best WordPress alternatives are, keep reading. We’ve compared 6 of the top content management systems and website builders on the... read more

How to Retrieve the IDs, Titles, and URLs of the Core WordPress/WooCommerce Pages

George Martsoukos |
As WordPress developers, many times we want to grab different info (ID, title, URL) for standard WordPress/WooCommerce pages like the Blog and My Account pages. Surprisingly, all this useful stuff is stored in the *_options table, and we can access it using the get_option() function. There’s also ... read more

How to Build a Text-to-Voice Application With JavaScript

Esther Vaati |
This tutorial will cover how to convert text into speech using JavaScript using WebSpeechAPI. It will feature a simple interface where the user adds the text to be spoken, then clicks a button to generate the corresponding speech. Our Text-to-Speech Demo Here’s what we’re going to build. Type anyt... read more

Learn These Viewport-Relative CSS Units (100vh, 100dvh, 100lvh, 100svh)

George Martsoukos |
In this tutorial, we’ll cover the challenges when working with the classic 100vh unit for making full-screen sections and discuss some great alternative CSS units. Hero or full-screen sections are an integral part of UI design. They exist in different kinds of websites, from landing pages to portfo... read more

How to Fix a 500 Internal Server Error on Your WordPress Site

Monty Shokeen |
One minute your website is working. The next, you see an error message that looks like this:  “500 Internal Server Error” Or: “This page isn’t working.” Or:  “HTTP ERROR 500” Unfortunately, this is one of those error codes that provides no information on the source of the problem. That said, tro... read more

Build an Infinite Blinking Text Animation With CSS and a Touch of JavaScript

George Martsoukos |
In this new tutorial, we'll learn how to create an infinite blinking/flashing text effect with CSS animations and a bit of JavaScript. Specifically, selected text parts will switch colors after a certain period. After that, the animation will reinitialize.  Our Text Effect Here’s what we’re going ... read more

How to Integrate Bootstrap 5 Tabs With Chart.js

George Martsoukos |
Today, I’ll cover Chart.js, a very popular JavaScript library, and teach you how to incorporate charts of this library into Bootstrap 5 tabs/pills. The idea is that each time we click on a Bootstrap tab, the target chart will be reconstructed and hence reanimated. Bear in mind that this technique ... read more

How to Use WordPress: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started

Rachel McCollin |
In this step-by-step WordPress tutorial, we’re going to show you how to use WordPress even if you’ve never built a website with it before (or built a website, in general). No professional design or coding skills are required! WordPress has long been the #1 platform for building websites in the wor... read more

Create a Currency Converter with HTML, CSS, and Vanilla JavaScript

Esther Vaati |
Let’s create a fully functional currency converter application using HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript. By the end of this tutorial, we will have a responsive currency app that fetches real-time data with the Exchange Rate API and presents it in a user-friendly interface. Our Currency Converter De... read more

Learn How to Code a Simple JavaScript Calendar and Datepicker

Esther Vaati |
Building a JavaScript calendar is the best way to understand date functionalities in JavaScript. This tutorial will create a real-time calendar similar to the one in your digital devices. By the end, you’ll have something like this: HTML Structure We will start our JavaScript calendar by buildin... read more