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How to Create a Chrome Extension With Vanilla JavaScript

Esther Vaati |
 This tutorial will cover how to build a minimalistic homepage Chrome extension, with JavaScript, designed to help users stay productive. A Chrome extension is a program that enhances and customizes the browsing experience for Chrome users. Among the various types of extensions available, homepage... read more

How to Change the Featured Image Size in WordPress

Suzanne Scacca |
Featured images are usually one of the first things that visitors notice when checking out a WordPress blog. So it’s important that your images send the right signals to visitors.  It starts with choosing or creating eye-catching and relevant graphics for your posts. You also need to ensure that t... read more

How to Redirect a Page or URL in WordPress

Rachel McCollin |
In this post, I’ll show you how to redirect a page or URL in WordPress. You’ll learn how to set up automatic redirects, manual redirects, and wildcard redirects in WordPress. What is a WordPress Redirect?  Ever clicked on a link expecting to land on a particular page, only to find yourself whisked... read more

How to Create a Typing Test Game with Vanilla JavaScript

Esther Vaati |
How many words per minute can you type? In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a typing test game with JavaScript. The app will feature a timer that runs for 1 minute, then displays the result. What We’re Building Take a look at the demo, feel free to fork it on CodePen, and (of course) see h... read more

What Is the WordPress .htaccess File and What Can You Do With It?

Suzanne Scacca |
There’s a lot you can do within WordPress to configure settings or troubleshoot issues with your website. However, sometimes you need to go into the backend and edit root files like .htaccess to complete certain tasks. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at the WordPress .htaccess file ... read more

Create Your Own AI Image Generator App With JavaScript and DALL-E 3

Esther Vaati |
In this tutorial, we’ll build an AI image-generation app with JavaScript. Users will enter text describing the image they want, then behind the scenes we’ll call the DALL-E 3 API to generate it! DALL-E 3 is an image generation model that excels at generating images from text prompts. It can unders... read more

6 of the Best WordPress Alternatives in 2024

Suzanne Scacca |
WordPress is the most used content management system (CMS) in the world. But is it the best? For your current project, it might not be.  If you’re curious about what the best WordPress alternatives are, keep reading. We’ve compared 6 of the top content management systems and website builders on the... read more

How to Retrieve the IDs, Titles, and URLs of the Core WordPress/WooCommerce Pages

George Martsoukos |
As WordPress developers, many times we want to grab different info (ID, title, URL) for standard WordPress/WooCommerce pages like the Blog and My Account pages. Surprisingly, all this useful stuff is stored in the *_options table, and we can access it using the get_option() function. There’s also ... read more

How to Build a Text-to-Voice Application With JavaScript

Esther Vaati |
This tutorial will cover how to convert text into speech using JavaScript using WebSpeechAPI. It will feature a simple interface where the user adds the text to be spoken, then clicks a button to generate the corresponding speech. Our Text-to-Speech Demo Here’s what we’re going to build. Type anyt... read more

Learn These Viewport-Relative CSS Units (100vh, 100dvh, 100lvh, 100svh)

George Martsoukos |
In this tutorial, we’ll cover the challenges when working with the classic 100vh unit for making full-screen sections and discuss some great alternative CSS units. Hero or full-screen sections are an integral part of UI design. They exist in different kinds of websites, from landing pages to portfo... read more